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About Landshark  
On November 25, 2008, the Carver County Board of Commissioners approved the implementation of user fees for the Landshark system.  These fees will be applied to offset the costs of enhancements to the system, including the addition of land records currently not available.

Landshark is a web-based application for research and retrieval of Real Estate documents.  If the document is available on our system, you can view the document from your computer for a fee as listed below.

Effective in July 2017, you can self-register and use the LandShark system immediately.  In order to retrieve a document you will be asked to provide credit card information for payment of the image.  Your credit card information is processed through a secure third party and not held in our system.
If you prefer, a Carver County Enhanced Remote Access Agreement and Escrow Request Form can be completed and upon receipt of the agreements and funds to establish an escrow account a user name will be established.  The necessary forms are available at

If you have any questions, please contact our office
at 952-361-1930.

Carver County Landshark Fees:

$2.00 Per View of Document


You may self-register for LandShark access by clicking on the red "Register" link below.  This option allows you to access the Carver County LandShark data at no cost and without establishing an escrow account. 

In order to view a document image, you will be asked to provide credit card information.  The charge is $2.00 per document.  Please Note:  The initial credit card entry screen indicates a $50.00 hold which will allow you to view up to 25 documents per session.  Only the funds for the images viewed will be charged to your card at the end of your session.



Please Log In to LandShark to access the search functions. If you do not have an account, click here to Register.

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